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Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2011

Moviebritt11 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NL). She is level 101 (Extreme Movie Star) , and is in the 2nd spot on the NL server highscores board. Moviebritt11 has two other accounts on the NL server, moviebritt11=lief (Level 101, first spot on highscores board) and moviebritt11=block=back (Level 77, 19th spot on highscores board). She is mostly active on her moviebritt11=lief account.


Moviebritt11 has earned her through her movies, her artbooks, and Fame Booster. Her movies are mainly short movies, and her artbooks include a variety of topics, such as dedication to friends.

Usual Appearance and Style

Moviebritt11 has turquoise-blue eyes with sparkly white eye shadow, lavender-pink lips, a tan skin tone, and a pointy nose. Her style is mainly girly. She mostly wears light brown hairstyles, and often wears the colors black, light blue, and white. She often dresses according to the weekly theme.


  • She went from level 62 to level 66, earned over 100 million fame, in less than a month with the help of Fame Booster. This resulted in her gaining the top spot on the NL highscores board.
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