The following is a list of predetermined titles for wiki photos. Please make sure you follow these accordingly when uploading photos.

Predetermined Titles

Photo(s) Predetermined Title Syntax
Main Infobox Image This should be the moviestars username.
Artbook Images MoviestarUsername-Artbook1 through MoviestarUsername-Artbook3
Look Images MoviestarUsername-Look01 through MoviestarUsername-Look10
Landing Page/Profile Page Image MoviestarUsername-MainPage
Biography Page Image MoviestarUsername-BioPage
Awards Images MoviestarUsername-Awards1 through MoviestarUsername-Awards4


  • In case of moviestar usernames with unique characters, use the article title as replacement for "MoviestarUsername".
  • The file extension is not included in these titles as these are forced and can't be always guaranteed. Chances are your image title will end in either ".png", ".jpg", or ".jpeg".
  • Post in the help center if you're in need of further assistance.
  • File names are case sensitive so please be careful about getting the case right.
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