The following is a list of common questions regarding our chat.
This is not an equivalent to our chat policies, please review those if you have not already.

Can I hide the global user list?
Yes, click the down arrow next to the the logo. You can extend it again by clicking the side arrow.
How do I get back to the global chat after chatting in a private channel?
Click the wiki logo above the online users list.
How do I start a new private channel?
Click on the a user in the global chat list and then click "Private Message".
Can I close a private chat channel?
No, you'll have to refresh if you want to close one. Do note that this will close all of them.
How do I find my private messages?
Below the global user list there will be a break that says "Private Messages" you can find all private messages there.
What do I do if someone is sending me unwanted private messages?
Click on the user and then "Block Private Messages". The user will not know that you blocked their messages and they will remained blocked until you choose otherwise.
How do I allow a user to send me private messages again?
Click on them in the global user list and then "Allow Private Messages".
Should I report unwanted private messages to a chat moderator?
No, unfortunately moderators can't see these messages so they can't take action on them.
What happens if I block a chat moderators private messages?
We have no control over this, if you choose to block a chat moderators private messages you're risking being kicked or banned with no prior warning. So for your sake, it's advised you don't.
What if a user is breaking the rules and no chat moderators are around?
If this is the case, kindly direct the user to our chat policies. Here is an example. "Hey (username), have you seen our wikis chat policies(link)?"
If they continue after this all you can do is simply ignore them.

Still have a question? Try to ask one of our chat moderators for help!

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