TemplatePhotos-PolicyWarning IconThe following policies are newly created and are subject to change! Please stay up to date.

The following policies are specific to a board.
You do not have to read them until you plan to post in that board. If a board is not listed here that means it doesn't have any specific policies.
These policies are not an equivalent to our general forum policies. These are simply extra policies that apply to specific boards.

Announcements and Reminders

  • Do not create any new threads within this board.
  • Do not remove any posts or threads, even if it's clear spam or vandalism allow an admin to deal with it.

Staff Noticeboard

  • Post each report in the proper thread and follow the threads posting instructions.
  • Do not create any new threads.
  • Do not respond to any reports unless it's a matter you were able to handle.
  • Do not remove any posts or threads, even if it's clear spam or vandalism allow an admin to deal with it.


  • Do not create duplicate guides, if you have a better version of a current guide speak with the guide creator about changing it. If they're inactive and do not give you a timely response notify an administrator so they can help you.
  • You should expect there to be questions about your guide, if you're not going to follow up with them you must note it clearly in your first post.
  • If you respond to questions on anothers guide you should note clearly that you may be incorrect.
  • If your guide is incorrect or is missing important information an admin may remove or close it and ask you to revise it.

It should be noted that overtime some guides may be removed when they're re-created in a more proper place.

Help Center

  • Once your question is answered you must note so here.
  • Be clear when asking questions, provide as many details as you can to insure you receive the best help possible.
  • Check the guides board and past threads first. Post only if you cannot find a solution.
  • Create your own threads. Don't post in other users threads as this often confuses the users taking part in the discussion.
  • If you're not 100% sure about your answer to someone's question you should note so.
  • Questions directed at specific users should be posted on their walls.

General Discussion

  • Do not post wiki related discussion and do not discuss any moviestars or their content.
    • For further help on what to post and what not to post go here.
  • You can only add one topic per thread and the topic chosen must be related.
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