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Moderators are special users on MSP who are part of the staff team. They work at MSP Headquarters in Denmark, where MSP was originally created. All Moderators either have accounts with VIP or accounts that had VIP, Judge, and Celeb status and most accounts are level 10 or higher.

What do Moderators do?


The Moderator Tag

Moderators protect MSP. They're the ones who receive the reports real users send in about others who behave badly or inappropriately. If they notice you have done something incorrectly or against the rules, you could potentially get locked out of your account for a certain amount of time, permanently locked, or even IP banned, meaning you are unable to access the MSP website entirely from a certain IP address. All moderators have a moderator tag. 

Adding Moderators as Friends

Moderators are now unable to receive your friend requests, although you could send them in 2011 to 2014. There isn't a way you can send a moderator a friend request, or become their friend. You are also restricted from sending the moderators messages; however, it is possible to receive messages from them. When you report someone for their inappropriate behaviour and it is sent to the moderators, you will get a message from the moderators telling you that her person you have reported has either been locked or has received a warning to their account.

How can I become a Moderator?

There is no possible way for someone under the age of 18 to become a MovieStarPlanet moderator. To apply, you need to request to fill a job application on their corporate site. To become a moderator, you can also work at the headquarters in Denmark.

What does a normal moderator look like?

Moderator usually looks like regular MSP players, but they have a big sticker over their body that says "Moderator". Their names are either "Moderator[Numbers]" but they could have a different and unique username


  • Moderator043 is on this wiki under the username DotRoamer.
  • There are many moderator accounts of former moderators. An active moderator can be recognized by the black and gold 'Moderator' badge on their profile.
  • You can't search for official moderator accounts in the 'friends' search bar. The easiest way to find moderators is through people's movies.
  • It is unknown how many moderator accounts exist and are actively online.


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