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Help, Settings, Mute, Safety and Logging out are all in a toolbar on your top right. The toolbar looks like this on PC. On the mobile app, you just use your sound and your log out button which also is displayed at the top right corner of the screen.


When you click the Help button, you can read every information you need. There are the Options:

  • My user
  • Rules & Safety
  • Technical Help
  • Payment Issues
  • Further help


When you click on the Settings button, you can set different settings for your user.


Such like:

  • Redeem Code
  • Redeem Gift Certificate
  • Change password
  • Change Email / Enter Email
  • Privacy Policy
  • My Payments
  • Blocked Users


When you click on the Mute button, you can mute and unmute MovieStarPlanet.



When you click on the Safety button, you can see the most important rules of MovieStarPlanet.

Logging Out

Logging Out

When you click on the Logging Out button, you will be asked if you want to be logged out. If you click "Yes", you will be logged out. When you click no, you won't.


  • The German Server is the only server with another button containing legal information.
  • On the safety page, there used to be two male characters, but MSP has changed one of them into a female character.
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