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  • Hello there.

    The article you created was deleted because it was imcomplete by the wiki's standards. You must complete the article within seven days of it being marked or else it will be deleted, and this is only negotiable when you're actively working with other users and admins to complete the article, or it's close but not quite there yet.
    I can provide you with the last revision of your article, so you can work on it in this thread and it can be recreated once it is completed.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
    Happy editing!

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    • Hello, sorry for the late reply.

      If you could provide me with the last revision of my article, that would be fantastic, thank you!

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    • Sorry for the late reply on my end, but here is the article!

      {{Infobox Moviestar
      |Level = 25
      |Username = XxKawaiiKat5647xX
      |Gender = Female
      |Server = US
      |Voter = Judge
      |Member Since = March, 2017
      |BFF1 = 2% Milk (>w<)
      |BFF2 = angie451
      |BFF3 = elsarocks451 (backup 7)
      |Relationship = }}
      '''XxKawaiiKat5647xX''' is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star).
      == About ==
      The account XxKawaiiKat5647xX was originally made for trolling and to help level up other accounts. At the time, XxKawaiiKat5647xX, or Steph, had many other accounts. A few weeks later after creating this account, Steph deleted her main account, which was created under the username "frozenelsa1001" and was made in 2014, because of an incident that happened between Steph and her friend. A couple days later, she regretted deleting her account and decided to move to this account because it was the highest level and had the most items. It later became her main account.
      Throughout the years, Steph has gotten more and more popular on her account. This is mainly because of her Youtube channel, which currently has about 200 subscribers. Her most popular video was "[ Look What You Made Me Do | MSP Version]", which has over 16,000 views. It was made on August 28, 2017, and was what caused her to become more popular on MSP. Her editing skills have taken a turning point since her video, [ Copycat - MSP Version], was made. It gained over 2,300 views. This is probably because, at that time, the song was very popular.
      Steph is a forumer, too, which is also part of the reason why she got noticed on MSP.
      She just recently has gotten her account "frozenelsa1001" back.
      == Usual Appearance and Style ==
      XxKawaiiKat5647xX has light blue eyes that are accompanied by black eyeshadow, darkish-pink "Perfect Pout" lips, a flat nose, and a very light pink skin tone. Steph has gone through lots of clothing and makeup styles since she made this account. Her current style is what's considered gothic. Her outfits are usually more feminine than tomboyish. Her clothes are always black and white, and she always wears tattoos on her arms and a nose ring. She usually wears high heels or flats/sneakers with her outfit. Steph's outfits also always have ripped or skinny jeans, a skirt, or dress. Her hair is always long or styled, and light purplish-pink. She always has the tattoos on her arms made visible, usually with a T-Shirt. 
      XxKawaiiKat5647xX tries to make her outfits stand out from others. She doesn't like basic outfits and tries not to make any of her outfits considered "basic". Steph's outfits usually consist of a few items from the current theme, unless she completely hates the theme. Then, she would just make an outfit consisting of random clothes she has.
      == Trivia ==
      * Her favorite animals are cats and foxes, and she has 2 cats in real life.
      * Her full first name is Stephanie, but almost everyone calls her Steph.
      * Her favorite color is lime green. 
      * She has a lot of alternate accounts.
      * She dislikes highscorers and disagrees with the way they advertise their movies, artbooks, etc.
      * She loves making MSP edits and attempts to make speedpaints from time to time.
      * She sometimes is inactive on MSP due to anxiety issues or boredom.
      * She knows "elsarocks451 (backup 7)" in real life and is bestfriends with her.
      * She also knows "angie451" in real life.
      * She is partly Turkish and Irish, but mostly German.
      * She likes doing yoga sometimes as it makes her feel relaxed.
      * Her favorite food is pizza.

      I unfortunately have very little experience with helping to complete NCS articles, so other editors on the wiki who are more experienced with this are welcome to come into this thread and help out. Between all of us, the article will eventually be complete and ready to be on the wiki.

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  • Nice pRoFiLe piC!!!!!!! :-D

    add me on us msp @: !C H I L L!

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  • if you're going to tag an article you've created as an NCS, please continue to follow the procedure and note the article here. happy editing!

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  • Hello there!

    Today(12/1/2017) your newly created article(s) have been marked as incomplete. At this moment in time the wiki is not accepting any new incomplete articles for moviestars. You must complete the article(s) before 12/8/2017 otherwise it will be deleted.
    If it's deleted it can only be added back if it's completed or once this rule is lifted.
    In short, the criteria required to complete the article are listed as follows:

    • A complete about section, which includes:
      • How they have leveled up.
      • How they have become known (by those who know them).
      • What they are best known for.
      • What they do on MSP.
    • A complete infobox.
    • A complete usual appearance and style section.
    • At least one line about their movies, artbooks and looks.
    • At least one custom section (usually Trivia, three facts are required).

    If you need help completing your article(s) please visit our help center.

    Happy editing!
    This is a pre-written message sent by the user who marked your article(s).
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  • momi

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