aka Granny, C.A.T, NOT Odd-eyed NOR Odd!

  • I live in in a dark street near the apocalipse location, eating, drinking and smelling the coffee inside a small and abandoned jail
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is creeping on starhenge while waiting a reply, hating on everything with a dead smile waiting to my blood stop running while stands wishing my agony become even more agonizing and painful so i can grim
  • I am an undead and pointless bitch who walks in a bloody street wishing to be spotten while makes ugly drawings and badly done animations
  • Bio dangerous criminal- WANTED!! in all countries! lives drinking, smelling, eating and feeling coffee through her veins. may be found at starhenge, crawling at a lifeless statue which represents a fainted ex-leader.. if you find that criminal, please, call 911 and youll get your reward of $ dollars. NOTE: THIS IS 120% REAL!!
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  • Hello there!

    Today(February 27 2019) your newly created article(s) have been marked as incomplete. At this moment in time the wiki is not accepting any new incomplete articles for moviestars. You must complete the article(s) before March 06 2019 otherwise it will be deleted.
    If it's deleted it can only be added back if it's completed or once this rule is lifted.
    In short, the criteria required to complete the article are listed as follows:

    • A complete about section, which includes:
      • How they have leveled up.
      • How they have become known (by those who know them).
      • What they are best known for.
      • What they do on MSP.
    • A complete infobox.
    • A complete usual appearance and style section.
    • At least one line about their movies, artbooks and looks.
    • At least one custom section (usually Trivia, three facts are required).

    If you need help completing your article(s) please visit our help center.

    Happy editing!
    This is a pre-written message sent by the user who marked your article(s).
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  • Welcome


    Hello Odd-eyed! Welcome to the MovieStarPlanet Wiki and thank you for your recent contributions!
    We're a peaceful and civil community who take interest in sharing information about MovieStarPlanet.

    Here are some things that should be helpful to you as a new user.

    We hope you'll make many more edits and we look forward to having you here!

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