aka lauren

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on August 30
  • I am Female
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  • Hello there, I'd assume you're wondering why you've been blocked from our wiki.
    I say this with a pretty heavy heart that you were blocked because you're not old enough to use wikia. For safety reasons, there is a rule that states you must be at least 13 years of age in order to have an account on wikia.

    Because you've claimed to be the user "Lauren8623" of the UK server and provided an age, as well a birthday, you have been blocked for 267 days or eight months, three weeks, and two days. I'm not sure whether you'll still be around then, however, if you are, you're most certainly welcome back.

    I realize this is probably very unfortunate news, and I doubt anyone in our community is happy about losing an editor.
    I hope you'll still stay around to read articles and be sure to interact with us on MovieStarPlanet.
    Access to your own wall will not be granted, but if you have any concerns you can contact me on MovieStarPlanet; you can find my account information on my userpage.

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  • I'm Avery, aka G3 or Gallexii, and I hope you enjoy your wikia journey. Don't be afraid to ask me or anyone else for any advice or help because I bet we all are willing to give it to you.

    Happy editing!
    ~G3 ☯♥

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  • Welcome


    Hello Lauren8623! Welcome to the MovieStarPlanet Wiki and thank you for your recent contributions!
    We're a peaceful and civil community who take interest in sharing information about MovieStarPlanet.

    Here are some things that should be helpful to you as a new user.

    We hope you'll make many more edits and we look forward to having you here!

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