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  • Yhu Are Randomly Random xD

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  • Hello there! I just wanted to write a quick message regarding one of your recent edit summaries. You used "fluff editing" as a summary.
    I'm guessing you're confused by the term fluff editing. It's not the "wikis meaning" for a small edit, it's a type of editing that is very frowned upon and isn't really allowed.
    Now as I've stated in a blog post of mine sometimes fluff editing happens and that it's not going to create a large problem unless you're fluff editing excessively so you don't need to worry about being in trouble. I simply wanted to make sure you were aware of the meaning of the term and if you were that you were aware such edits are not generally welcome here.

    If you happen to have any questions feel free to ask me here or ask in the comments of the blog post.

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