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Upvoted Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2013
xx sparkles xx

MeowzieMeow is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 42 (Upvoted Movie Star), and on the 20th spot of the NZ highscores board for fame earned and is on the 9th spot of the NZ highscores board for starcoins earned.

About & History

MeowzieMeow is well known for her movies. She started to gain recognition at only level 3 for her movie series "Camping", and for advertising her movies. She had started receiving even more attention when she had won a competition with her movie 'The Wrong Track' & had become famous when each episode of her movie series 'Wounded' made it to the top page.

At one point, MeowzieMeow got locked out of her account forever for an unknown reason and moved to Australia MSP for a while, but returned to NZ when she regained access to her account. Not long after, Meow and a couple of her friends returned to AU MSP due to receiving extreme hate for pulling a small prank they pulled in 2013. They have since left AU and returned to NZ, and she has since gotten more popular.

Usual Appearance and Style

MeowzieMeow has a tan skin tone, aqua eyes with spider leg lashes, red cheeks, and faint red lips. She used to only wear pink and black, but she decided upon returning to MSP in 2014 to wear a variety of colors. Her looks usually gain over 50 loves, and her most popular look is "Pinkandblack". She makes new looks once or twice week.

Movies and Artbooks


MeowzieMeow's movies are often movie series or movies for competitions that usually make it to the top page each week. When she first started making movies, she got around 10-40 views, but this number has since escalated to 500-1000 views. Her most popular movie series are "Wounded" and "Threat". After "Camping", Meow started making movies for the weekly themes and got a prize in around 3 or 4 competitions.


MeowzieMeow makes artbooks often and they always get to the top within the first few days. Her artbooks are often to get a message out, talk about her new series, or contests she holds. Her most popular artbook is "Group Chat Idea".


  • She moved up from level 27 to level 29 in only one day.
  • She has quit MSP around 4 times.
  • She is not active on MeowzieMeow at the moment.
  • She used to be active on Australia MSP.
  • Her name is pronounced Meow - Z - Meow.
  • MitzyMitz is her bestfriend in real life.
  • She owns a fashion group called pearls.
  • Her backup account is "Malachite".
  • She has an inactive YouTube called MeowzieMeow MSP.
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