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TemplatePhotos-PolicyWarning Icon.pngThe following policies are newly created and are subject to change! Please stay up to date.

The wiki forums serve as a host for various related discussions.
Feel free to post, however be sure you follow these policies at all times.

General Policies

The following rules and information apply to the entire forum

  • Be civil with all users.
  • Keep offsite drama offsite.
  • Leave user disagreements between them, instead of stepping in just report them.
  • Absolutely no spam, advertising, or vandalism will be tolerated.
  • Search for an open and related discussion before starting a new one.
  • Post only what belongs on the forum and nothing more.

Board Specific Policies

Many boards have their own special policies.
Please go to this page to see them.

Removal Policies

The following policies apply to removal of threads or posts

  • All things removed must be reported, select "notify an admin" when removing.
  • You must provide a reason for removal.
  • You're only to remove clear spam and vandalism, you should report everything else.

Failing to follow any of these policies will result in a notice, warning, or block.