mathilde am queen
Winning Movie Star
Mathilde am queen
Member Since: January, 2018
mathilde am queen is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NO). She is level 44 (Winning Movie Star) and was at her former peak ranked 25th on the NO Highscores leaderboard.


mathilde am queen is best known for her scandal, which occured back in December 2019. During her fame-peak, she was accused of cheating by several players on the NO server. She currently is one of the highest earning movie stars on MovieStarPlanet (NO).

mathilde am queen was created in early 2018, being highly unactive until the spring of 2019. From there the user gained regcognition on the NO server making series which attracted hundreds of views.

During the summer of 2019 she was accused of hacking another movie star, which has later been confirmed by MovieStarPlanet in mails regarding the situation. This has made her, along with the hacking scandal, one of MovieStarPlanet (NO) most controversial players.

In December 2019 she was the protagonist in one of the largest scandals in MovieStarPlanets history, which ended up in MovieStarPlanet changing their rules and many highscorers getting locked. This is due to her rapid gain in fame from October to December 2019, where many players became suspicious. After the happening she had been set back 14 levels, all the way from level 56 to 42.

Usual Appearance & Style

mathilde am queen has the "Our Planet" brown diamond pack eyes, toned skin, and nude colored "Perfect Pout" lips. She can however be very irregular in her looks and style, changing tremendously often. Her looks usually have a color scheme of regular light colors, and is often seen wearing accessories and bling. She is often seen wearing looks inspired from the 1990s.

Artbooks and Movies


mathilde am queen released her first artbook in late 2019. The artbook consisted of expired items and diamond pack items. She has later released multiple artbooks, some of which MovieStarPlanet has removed. Her artbooks has received attention from many players, and her comments are known to be brimming with controversial content.


mathilde am queen has a full series called "Ariana Grande: diaries" consisting of 12 episodes, named after the singer Ariana Grande's album "thank u, next". The series release followed the singers track listing, from "imagine" to "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored". The series attracted approximately 8000 viewers, which makes it one of the most watched series on MovieStarPlanet (NO) of 2019. Prior to the series she has released a handful of movies, often being inspired by MovieStarPlanets weekly theme. As of March 2020, she has yet to release new movies.


  • Although not a highscorer anymore, she is one of the most known players on the NO server.
  • In February 2020, she lost over 160 million fame due MovieStarPlanet removing it.
  • She has been named "mathilde am shit" by other NO players.
  • She used to host a Discord server, "mathilde nation".
  • In January 2020 she passed seliabn1 on the highscore list, only to be pushed back weeks later.
  • Her nickname is "Matz" or "Mathilde".
  • She is one of the richest players on MovieStarPlanet (NO).
  • She has spent 5668 diamonds as of April 2019.
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