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Followed Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2013

MangoX is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 18 (Followed Movie Star).


MangoX joined MSP because it looked fun to her, and soon began to log in frequently and make movies and artbooks.
Mango makes artbooks for a variety of reasons, such as announcing things, thanking her friends, or club activities.
She has made many different movie series, usually involving crime, murder, and other dark topics.

Usual Appearance and Style

Mango has green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a "Petit" nose, gently tanned skin, and salmon "Cherry Gloss" lips. She has altered her appearance several times on her account, such as changing her eye color from blue to green. She usually wears her hair in her signature shade of pink but has experimented with different hair colors several times. Some of her looks are from the "Dream Team" or her friends.


  • She is a "Bubble Yum Girl" and a Porter (supporter of Pumpchkin).
  • She once got locked out of MSP when her account was supposedly hacked.
  • She has quit multiple times before but has returned each time.
  • She has dated multiple people but has never held a serious relationship with anybody.
  • She was friends with Izaiahh and had him star in a couple of her movies.
  • She was good friends with users Kayla Glamstar and Electric Daisy Carnival before she quit.
  • Pink Tear Drops is her favorite series that Pumpchkin has made.
  • She doesn't know why she chose the name "MangoX".
  • Her fans are called Mavericks, which means to be an independent-minded person. However, safe chat rarely allows her to write this. She has a public club for this.
  • Her other accounts are MangoXOXO and GummyPandaParti.
  • She has over 1,500 views on her profile page.
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