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Lushhh is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and is 2nd on the US highscores board.


Lushhh is most known for her hosting her club Team Lush (now discontinued) and her relationship with Team Pump plus controversial past. Late 2019, Lushhh launched her club called "HOT" which stands for "House of Treasure." alongside her close friend MissBex. Lushhh advocates for people of colour and equity within MovieStarPlanet and aspires to take the lead in forming a better community. Although she holds her own club, she still identifies as a member of the Team Pump family. She consistently displays devotion and commitment to the Dream Team and pumpchkin by promoting Team Pump and producing Artbooks, Looks and composing tweets dedicated to them.

Lushhh had numerous movies, a mixture of Artbooks from many years of playing. As of April 2020, virtually all of those have been deleted. Only two movies and one artbook remain visible on Lushhh's profile. The artbook of which is introducing her club, House of Treasure.

Despite creating her most recent club and pledging to be active, Lushhh remains idle concerning Movies, Looks, and Artbooks. She frequently updates her status and changes her outfits without releasing new looks and is seen to be interacting with friends and supporters through guestbook messages.

Usual Appearance and Style

Lushhh has dark skin and a pointed nose. She changes her eyes and lips quite often, usually to match a certain look.

Lush often chooses striking colours in her looks, particularly with hair. Her style varies from casual to fun and funky but is very individual and vibrant, and she loves to wear pink. Lushhh often wears matching looks for her club, and overall her style and fashion is very peculiar. She likes to wear the latest pieces and executes different outfits all of the time.


  • She has another known and active account under the username “!!!Emmy!!!”.
  • She is sixteen years old.
  • She has been hacked several times before.
  • Her inactive YouTube channel “Lushhh” can be found here.
  • Her twitter can be found here.
  • She is a Porter, Supporter of pumpchkin
  • She loves pasta.

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