Lucy Van Houten
Pop Movie Star
Lucy Van Houten
Member Since: February, 2016
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Lucy Van Houten is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is a level 46 (Pop Movie Star). She has lollipop. She hopes to be a high scorer at some point.


Lucy Van Houten is a MovieStar on MSP. She started playing when MSP first came out, though started on Lucy Van Houten in 2016, from where she gained over 20 levels without VIP (over a period of 6 months). Since getting VIP, she started to level pretty quickly. She still plays from time to time (though is not a full-time player) and makes regular looks in her mint green style.


Lucy Van Houten is a generally polite moviestar. She has had some "beef" with other players but this is mostly due to buying looks or general disrespect. She believes in equality and is LGBTQ+ friendly.

Usual Appearance and Style

Lucy Van Houten is always styled in a set of mint green and black clothing. She has no preference over clothing style, though she likes dresses and heels, as well as long hair. However, she does also like male clothing and occasionally wears male items.


  • Lucy has a few YouTube channels where she posts scammers and videos on how to be Shrek.
  • Lucy got to level 21 without any VIP.
  • She currently lives in England.
  • Her favourite bands are Green Day, Queen, Status Quo and My Chemical Romance.
  • She has only ever had 4 "boyfriends" on MSP, Zeany6, TheTaylorGamer, gamerboy20041 and UnicusDark.
  • She is Welsh and speaks Welsh frequently.
  • Lucy has alluded to being part of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • She's been on the home screen twice and has won 3 competitions in general.
  • Her other accounts include: "Lucy x Rares", "Zeany6" and "ItzJahoda".
  • Lucy Van Houten is not her real name.
  • She was diagnosed with OCD in 2020.
  • She has 10 pets in her room, all of which are named after Bible chapters. Her pet "Psalms" is Level 100, but all the rest are below Level 80.


  • lulu
  • Lucy Van Houten's "Classy Procession"
  • Zeany6
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