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lucy.123 is a known movie star of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26. She is currently the most known movie star who is apart of the 2012 community. lucy.123 joined in May 2012, making her one of the oldest avatars on the US server. lucy.123's private account is "linzzy 1" where she only accepts friend requests from her really close friends and her backup is "keka282". She also has a club to help aspiring 2012 moviestars called "2012 Moviestars". layla.123 is a nasty whore and thats on periyat.

Artbooks, Movies, and Looks.

Artbooks: lucy.123 makes many artbooks all for creativity. Each and every single one of her Artbooks has made it to the top page!

Movies: lucy.123 has a great abundance of movies as well. Varying with short movies and also movies. lucy.123 only uses rare backgrounds for her short movies to keep them interesting and fun. She also keeps all of her movies 2012 themed to stick with her look.

Looks: lucy.123 makes plenty of looks per day. Every look she will make will be 2011-2012 themed, as that is her style that she has always stuck with.


lucy.123 created her avatar in May 2012. She is one of the few movie stars who has always kept their old MSP look. She has plenty of rares in the back of her closet also, mainly because she started in 2012 when they were available. lucy.123 also owns all of the rare backgrounds that she will feature in her movies as well. She is growing many followers who have seen her Artbooks and movies and is continuing to inspire other movie stars to join the 2012 community. lucy.123's drive of reviving the 2012 MovieStarPlanet's pop culture definitely paid off, as her Club; "2012 Moviestars" has over 700 members!

Fan Base

lucy.123 currently has a growing fanbase, most being movie stars who want to experience old MSP in her eyes or others who are following the 2011-2012 looks and going back to their old nostalgic MSP roots. Her fans are seen commenting on her movies, artbooks, guestbook, and more. As well as welcoming High scorers on board to joining her 2012 nostalgia.