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'''Looks''' are a gaming aspect in MovieStarPlanet. They are used to share an outfit you have made on your account. Other users can love these looks and earn you fame. Also, other users can make looks out of your user, using the clothes that your user currently owns.
== Buying from looks ==
It's possible to buy clothes from other's looks. However, you can only buy from looks of movie stars of the same gender. It's impossible to buy rares or clothes that are exclusive to Pixi Star or Zac Sky.[[File:Bandicam_2013-06-17_10-49-03-115.jpg|thumb|252px]]
The 'looks' page has been around since MovieStarPlanet first started. It still has the same layout since 2011. All other gaming aspects of MSP have received new updates.
== Glitches & Errors ==
* Some look dates say "Thu Feb 1 2001".
* It was possible for girls to buy from boys' looks and vice versa. (patched)
* Users lost clothes when someone bought from their looks. (patched)

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