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LlamacornShadow is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 11 (Liked Star).


Llama joined MSP in May 2014 with an account under the name "Bellakathy555". She forgot about this account, and later joined in November 2014 under the name "Rockstargirl123!!". She deleted this account in late 2016, and decided to officially quit MSP. However, she rejoined in May 2017 with the account "LlamacornShadow".

She is best known for her photos, artbooks and movies. Her most loved artbook is "Face Reval?" with 11 loves. She has become known for her presence on the forums and being featured in "Dan9Phil"'s movie, "Soft grunge is gay". She gains fame from autographs, her artbooks, and her movies. When she is online, she shops, chats with her friends, goes on forums, or makes looks, movies, and artbooks.

Her artbooks are normally announcements, and they usually get 0-4 loves. Her movies are for fun, and they get 2-5 views. She barely makes artbooks, as she doesn't have time or any ideas. She tries making movies, but never finishes them.

Usual Appearance and Style

Llama has tan skin tone, a pointed nose, blue eyes, and light pink "Cool Cat" lips. Her style is a mix of tomboy and girly. She usually wears black, white, blue, or gray clothing. She wears black or multicolored hairstyles. Her looks get 0-1 loves.


  • She owns a dog
  • She is obsessed with the game Elsword, the singer Melanie Martinez and the books "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games"
  • Her name is Kathy.
  • She is on this wiki under the name LlamacornsXD.
  • Her Twitter can be found here.
  • She enjoys Melanie Martinez, Nightcore and Vocaloid music.
  • She plays the game, "Yandere Simulator".
  • Her account has been compromised, and she can no longer access it.
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