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Cool Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2013

lillianaroxelle888 was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 23 (Cool MovieStar).


Lilliana is most known for and gained a lot of fame from her close friendship with MeowzieMeow, who is on the 12th spot of the NZ highscores.

When her best friend MeowzieMeow moved to the AU MSP after being locked out, Lilly followed her and altered between her NZ and AU accounts. When Meow got unlocked and returned to NZ, Lilly followed and played on her NZ account actively again.

In 2014, Lilly left MSP and gave her account to her close friend "Red Purple $tarcoins" for a short amount of time after MeowzieMeow became inactive. She has since returned and checks on her account often, usually just to update her status and change her outfit.

Her most popular artbook, an artbook that helps her get dressed, has over 90 loves.
Her movies are mainly unfinished movie series, such as "Life of a Teenage Vampire", "Highschool Days", and "Mermaid Tales".

Usual Appearance and Style

Lilliana has dark purple "Pretty Perfect" eyes along with pink eyeshadow. She has a freckled nose and bright red "Cherry Gloss" lips. Her outfits don't have a color theme, but she always sticks to a specific hair color. Most of her clothing items are dresses. She also wears red or pink blush often.


  • She has a backup called "ShaniStyles", which is an account that used to belong to a friend.
  • She has an account on the UK called "naomicampbell123456789101112", one on AU under the same username and one on IE called Treo hAon.
  • She is a Directioner, and Harry Styles is her celebrity crush.
  • She claims that she loves to sing but can't dance.
  • She is aiming to make MSP users feel good about themselves, by messaging them if they are sad, trying to cheer them up.
  • She offers to make looks of people if they don't know what to wear.
  • Her nickname is Lilly.
  • Her username comes from "Barbie in a Fairy Secret". Lilliana Roxelle is the character's name she based it off of. The triple 8 is supposed to represent good luck.
  • She's been compromised before.
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