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This page is about Levels on MovieStarPlanet 2, click here for the original MovieStarPlanet Levels.


Levels are a special aspect of MovieStarPlanet 2. Each level adds new perks to you gameplay.

Players gain new levels by earning certain amount of overall fame. The amount of fame required to reach a new level requires more fame than the previous level.

Level Perks

Each level comes with perks. Below is more information about those perks.

General Perks

These perks come with every new level.

  • Autographs give more fame.
  • A StarCoins reward every time a new level is earned.

Level Specific Perks

Level 3

  • Unlocks Home

Level 6

Level 8


Level Fame Required
1 0
2 300
3 900
4 1,800
5 3,000
6 4,500
7 6,300
8 8,400
9 10,800
10 13,500 11 16,500


  • Before the update in October 2021, the previous maximum level reachable was level 20. The update added 80 new levels, making the new maximum level 100.
  • During March 2022, the level star's icon was updated.

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