LegendaryPink is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).

About & History

LegendaryPink's rise to fame was due to her posting photos on MovieStarPlanet.

LegendaryPink is a semi-popular user on MovieStarPlanet. Pink created her account during March 2015 after her old account got hacked multiple times. She is best known for posting selfies of herself onto MovieStarPlanet, each claiming a spot on the Top Page every time. Her first rise to popularity started when she posted the first picture of herself titled *Opens Camera* during 2017 that later on led to major backlash, with many calling her ugly. This led to her removing the photo and quitting MovieStarPlanet for a year.

During 2018, Pink became active again and later posted her second selfie, titled "adding", which gained over 500+ likes and over 200 comments. Pink started to receive hate once more with people calling her "basic looking", a "stripper", a "thot" and many more for showing her shoulders. This started a war in the comments between Pink's close friends and the people hating on her. A couple weeks later, Pink quits MovieStarPlanet again due to the hate, however, this photo is still up on her profile and some of the hate comments can still be seen under the post. Pink is also known to give out many greets, gifts, and autos to her friends and is praised for this.

Near the end of 2019, Pink has returned and has been active as of late. She uploaded two more selfies of herself at the same time and is currently on her way to dominate the Top Page again


  • She is half Asian half white
  • Her Instagram can be found here here
  • Her real name is Axhaera
  • She was once an actress and model in Thailand
  • She is starting her own team called Legendary Colors, or |LC| for short
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