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Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2015
// Dan //
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lauren8623 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).


Lauren is well-known for her artbooks, most notably "Help Me Charge" and "Help Me Decorate", and her short movies, which gain up to over 40 views. She also has a discontinued series called "school drama", but she mainly makes artbooks. She leveled up quickly by creating short movies, watching others' movies, and playing dress-up and other mini games. When she's online, she mainly shops, uploads photos, creates artbooks, and creates movies.

Usual Appearance and Style

Lauren8623 has a tan skin tone, light pink lips, a round nose, and dark blue eyes. Her style is constantly changing, ranging from girly to grungy, and her outfit changes pretty much every day. Her looks are mainly her creations, but she sometimes takes inspiration from other players. The colors she wears vary greatly upon look, but she tends to wear black and white. She almost always uses blonde or light brown hair.


  • Her and her boyfriend, "// Dan //", have been together since October 2015.
  • She is a fan of YouTube.
  • She has social media but only gives them out to close friends.
  • Her favorite colors are pastels and monochrome.
  • She has over 700 friends.
  • The most loves she's gotten on an artbook is 121.
  • She supports Pump.
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