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Member Since: July, 2016
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Ksyvoc is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (IE). He is level 34 (Socialite Movie Star).


Ksyvoc, also known as Monday Eilish, is well known for his frequently posted photos on ie, which tend to get upwards of 30 likes per picture, his artbooks which more often than not top the weekly highscores, and for leveling 11 times in one week. He earns a large amount of his fame through starring in other users' movies, however, recently, he started making daily short movies which contribute to the income. He initially joined MSP on the UK server in 2010 after seeing an advertisement for the game and had a few artbooks on that account that received notable likes. However, he deleted his account in February 2012, and rejoined in April of the same year under the username "Romania233". He left behind "Romania233" in early 2016 and used "Ksyvoc" until August 2016. He has since switched to the IE server and now plays under the username "Ksyvoc". In 2012, he got in a heated feud with the UK highscorer at the time, "MissM"; however, it has since ended.

When he is online, he dedicates most of his time to making artbooks or short movies as well as posting photos, Usually taken from his twitter. He used to be a regular forumer, but has since stopped posting and commenting in general on forums of all servers.

Usual Appearance and Style

Ksyvoc has an ever changing style, but he has stuck to a style of VIP pierced lips, eyes with heavy eyeliner, and a light purple skin tone for around a year now. Although his style is considered alternative, he still keeps up with the themes by buying new outfits every week.


  • His name is Monday
  • He is 15
  • His US is //short moviess
  • His BFF 'Okage' is his backup
  • He joined the UK server within 2 weeks of it being created back in 2010 but 6 years later announced that he was moving to the Irish server permanently. Since this announcement in August 2016, he has officially moved over and now rarely checks his UK account