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Upcoming Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2012
pinkmonkey!!! (possible 4th)

KornEternal5 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 29 (Upcoming Movie Star).

About & History

Eternal gained most of her fame from her movies, looks and artbooks around 2014-2016. She tried making SM but found they did not get many views, and so stopped making them. Having been around since the early days, Eternal slowly became world-weary with the site as it progressively changed to be more kid-friendly.

She quit several times on both her backups and her main account and at one point quit for nearly a year; her only "visits" were to check the scoreboard and rant somewhat about the changing features, with some of her old status updates criticizing the website and calling it "stupid and childish", and that "she was leaving old things behind."

In mid 2020, she returned for good and resumed her VIP membership, later stating on her profile that she "couldn't stay away." At the moment, her main focus of fame and attention are photos of herself or her art, looks, and planned movie sagas.

Usual Appearance & Style

At first, in 2012 to early 2013, Eternal started off as a vampiric type character that mostly dressed in goth outfits. She later found the look to be unappealing and changed her facial features around so she would look more "human" while retaining paper-white skin, black lips, and old-style red eyes.

She kept this look for some time after the new beauty clinic update, but later changed and updated her look again, this time with white eyes and an even more extreme goth/emo look that almost always had black outfits.

Even later, around 2017, she made her avatar look more natural, eliminating the black lips and white skin in favor of light tan skin and dark lipstick and dressed even more like a regular character with natural colors.

As of 2020, Eternal has semi-nude lips and usually dresses in normal clothing with hair colors that are mostly blonde, black, ombre, or dark reddish-brown with blonde ombre. Some of her outfits/looks use pieces from 2013 and earlier or are meant to represent a certain aesthetic. She sometimes wears the new eyes or uses glitches to get the classic ones.


  • Her real name is September, like the month, leading people to think that's when she was born. However, her birthday is January 16th.
  • Eternal uploads looks, sometimes daily (up to 4), and can go on boost up to two times a week, usually on weekends.
  • Eternal once dressed up her moviestar as a cat for six months.
  • In real life, she has 2 pets: a Shih Tzu named Miracle and a German Shepherd named Marvin-Jax.
  • Eternal is in college and has since warned that "the workload" will start soon.
  • Eternal is American and has dominant Polish-Mexican-German ancestry/heritage.
  • She can be found on this wiki as the user Everythingslayer.
  • Eternal wears glasses in real life, but the reason why is complex. She also suffers from several health issues, including joint hypermobility.
  • Eternal currently holds no loyalties to any of the teams, although she was once a porter and a beauer.
  • Her music taste is mixed, ranging from classical and vintage jazz to modern rap songs.
  • Eternal has two accounts that were made earlier, with one being the same age as Pumpchkin.
    • She originally joined during 2011, during the site's Chinatown theme on another account.
  • Her backup account is natureluver13.
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