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Loved Movie Star
Member Since: September, 2017

koolgirl611 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 14 (In Demand Movie Star). She is best known for her YouTube channel.


Her YouTube channel is called Living It Up In MSP.This channel used to be her friend Nikita's as she mentions in one of her videos. Nikita gave Anna her channel. But just before giving it to her, Nikita changed the YouTube channel name to Nikita Spolentine, and Anna couldn't change it because there is a rule on YouTube saying that you can only change your name every 90 days.

When she is online, she is either talking to her friends or making a video. February 24 2018 Anna tried to commit suicide. She shot herself but thankfully she survived. She did this because she got bullied and as mentioned in one of her videos, crush issues.

Link to video:

Usual Appearance and Style

koolgirl611 has baby blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, dark pink VIP lips, a pointed nose, and a tan skin tone. She loves to wear a variety of different colors in her outfit. Her style ranges; it can be very girly and sometimes she wears dark clothes.


  • Her name is Anna Cassandra Smith.
  • She is 16 years old.
  • Her birthday was October 20th 2002.
  • She speaks Spanish fluently.
  • She has a brother whose name is Jason in real life but on MSP it's CallMeJason12345
  • She is pansexual (check definition on urban dictionary)
  • She has an older sister whose name is Lisa in real life but on MSP it's kkrockscheese
  • She likes Justin Bieber.
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