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Panic! Im A Donkey
Panic! Im a Donkey

Kittycat1016 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 32 (Hero Movie Star).


Kittycat1016 become known through and is best known for her movies, most of which receive thousands of views and reach the first page of the weekly movie highscores, nowadays. She has also gained some recognition from winning first place in the "Dark Waters" competition with her artbook "Magical Mermaids". Her fame earnings mainly come from her movies, awards, and autographs. When she's online, she is typically making movies, artbooks, or looks.
As aforementioned, Kitty's movies are very popular, her most viewed movie being "Did Msp Cross a Line?" with over 6,000 views. Her movies manly consist of drama series or short movies with clickbait titles. Although less popular, she also makes artbooks that are about giveaways, casting for her movies series, or other random topics. They typically do not receive more than twenty loves, but her most loved, "Ari Hair Giveaway!", does have over 70 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Kittycat1016 has pine-green eyes, bubblegum-pink lips, a pointy nose, and a tan skin tone. She usually wears a black or light brown hairstyle paired with an outfit consisting of black, red, light blue, dark green, or white. These outfits are typically paired with a head accessory, such as a hat or headband. Her looks usually have a Tumblr-inspired, grunge, or feminine style and receive 5-20 loves.


  • She is a brunette.
  • She has brown eyes.
  • Her favorite subject in school is English.
  • She loves K-POP.
  • Her favorite foods are Takis and Kraft mac & cheese.
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