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KendallMSP72 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet . She is level 30, and is most active on both TR (Turkish) and UK servers.

MSP Lots of Love

About & History

KendallMSP72 has been playing MovieStarPlanet since 2011 and has used many different accounts since then. She has taken a few breaks from the game (2016-2018 and June 2019-March 2020) but is now. regularly active.

Kendall's first main account was used for 5 years (2014 up until March 2020). She used this account regularly and got to level 18 before buying VIP for the first time in 2019. Before this account she used many different accounts but kept creating new users and not sticking with just one.

Kendall's comeback in March 2020 came with a new account on the UK server named ElizabethKendall. She quickly became a rare trader and is one of her favourite aspects of the game. Since April 2020, Kendall has also been very active on the Turkish Server (username is KendallMSP72) and her TR account has now surpassed her UK account, her TR account being level 26 and UK account being level 23. She buys every new Diamond Pack on the Turkish Server when they come out.

With her comeback, Kendall started a YouTube channel, which has roughly 175 subscribers as of May 2020. Her videos are varied and some of them include shopping challenges, buying VIP and Diamond Packs, Theme Shopping, MSP Music Videos and Mailtimes.

Usual Appearance and Style

Kendall has light blue eyes (the first eyes in the female beauty clinic, the Easter eyes added in 2020), winged eyeliner, a regular nose, pink lips, and tan skin. Her style often fluctuates and changes often, however her outfits are always matching. They are often based around the colour pink and mirror the softcore aesthetic.


  • She is British and lives in the UK
  • Her Instagram and Twitter usernames are both @KendallMSP72
  • She skateboards in real life
  • Her UK rare account is currently >>Aqua0<<
  • Her US server username is KendallMSP72
  • Her favourite rare set is the Bratz set. Currently, she only has OG Bratz Dress and OG Bratz hair.
MSP cute-0

One of Kendall's most worn and favourite looks

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