Ace Movie Star
Member Since: November, 2012
KellyBear4558 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 19 (Supreme Movie Star).


KellyBear4558 is best known for her short movies and partially known for her relationship with "#1hottestgirl3451". Her fame mainly comes from her 100+ short movies, which get around 15-30 views each, and some comes from #1hottestgirl's movies.
Nowadays, Kelly rarely uses MSP and when she does, it's only to chat with her best friends.
She has a few artbooks, mainly about her friends.

Usual Appearance and Style

Kelly has teal "Glitter Galore" eyes, a round nose, tanned skin, and light pink "Cool Cat" lips. Her style varies but is usually a mixture of tomboy and girly girl. A majority of her looks are of other users, but she does make original ones sometimes. She generally wears darker colors but occasionally wears lighter colors, too.


  • Kelly is not actually her real name, she just prefers to be called Kelly.
  • She had a few accounts prior to this one.
  • She has never been VIP.


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