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Upcoming Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2011
hi ruby

kasha94 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 29 (Upcoming Movie Star). Her account is a really old account, and is one of the 4 millionth people on United States MSP. 


Kasha94 is a 2012 Moviestar with less than 10,000 profile views. kasha94's backup is Aubrie 1, to which she only accepts friend requests from certain friends. She has an account "jazzymariel" which is in 2012 Moviestars, a club made by lollie. She likes to make artbooks and movies for fun. 


kasha94 has a tan skin tone, blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes with black makeup, a regular nose, and light pink perfect pout lips.

Movies, Artbooks, and Looks

Movies- kasha94 has 0 movies. She is thinking about making a short series, with 2012 Moviestars

Artbooks- kasha94 has a few Artbooks. They have not ever been on the Top Page but they are viewable/

Looks- kasha94 has no looks.


kasha94 created her avatar in October 2011. She had joined 2012 Moviestars around March-April 2020, and has had an old MSP look a while before she joined. She has done a lot to get the 2012 nostalgia, (trading for 2011-2013 diamond packs, rare backgrounds, and animations).

  • Trivia
  • kasha94's real name is Aubrie.
  • Her birthday is November 24th
  • Her and hi ruby used to share an account together.
  • She is a Sagittarius
  • She loves the colour green.
  • She's in 2012 moviestars
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