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Jx 7
Sparkling Movie Star
Jx 7
Member Since: March, 2014

Jx 7 is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). He is level 63 (Sparkling Movie Star), and is in the 4th spot on the ES server's highscores board.


Jx 7 is bestknown for his friends and looks. Jx 7 used to make movies more than once a week that got from 200-1000 views but in late 2017 he stopped making movies with no warning.

Jx 7is currently inactive on MSP and his instagram. But, his MSP account still earns fame from pets.

In January of 2018 he deleted his user not only on spain but on every server that he played. His statement for doing this was 'I was getting bored of the game'.

He went to Canada MSP after he deleted his account with his bestie Chrisu. He helped her level up by doing most work for her. They both deleted their account in may 2018

Usual Appearance and Style

Jx 7 has olive green eyes, lips with a Grey lip ring, a freckled nose, and a tanned skin tone. He often wears the colours black and white. He often likes to show off his style with looks.


  • His real name is Justin.
  • Jx 7 originally comes from Norwegian MSP under the same name.
  • He is now on the U.S. server as Drake Kaiden
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