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Super Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2010
kort filmer'

Justin100 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (SE). He is level 61 (Super Movie Star) and is currently on the 8th page on the SE server's highscore board.


Justin100 used to be number 1 on the Highscore list but was later passed by his girlfriend, Alexh33. He has since stopped playing and he's almost never online, causing him to drop a lot on the list. Rumor had it that Justin100 and girlfriend Alexh33 were the same person, it was never confirmed to be true and the rumor seems to be completely forgotten. 

He was mainly known for his movie series, which explains why many of the old top movies on the Swedish server are by him.

Usual Appearance & Style

Justin100 has a tan skin tone, black "Honest Hero" eyes, a freckled nose and regular lips. His style is mainly casual, and he is usually seen with blonde hair.