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Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2013

Juna13 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (PL). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is in the top spot on the PL server highscores board and throughout all the servers in the world.


Juna13 is best known for her short movies, one of which is on the tenth page of the server's movies highscores with almost 30,000 views. She also has a look called "Juna 13" on the fourth page of the server's look highscores with over 9,000 loves. She makes the most fame daily out all of all movie stars except PL user "agee100", at an average of 13 million fame a day. She's gained the majority of this fame through her movies, which get thousands to tens of thousands of views each; her artbooks, which get thousands of loves each; and her looks, which also get thousands of love each.

Usual Appearance and Style

Juna13 has royal-blue eyes, pastel pink lips, a pointy nose, and a tan skin tone. Her style is fancy and feminine. Her outfits usually use the colors black, white, and red, a lot of accessories, and sparkles. She is typically seen wearing black or blonde hairstyles.


  • Currently, she is the 3rd player to reach level 100 and the 2nd to reach level 101.
  • She has spent over 260000 diamonds, and has bought about 20,000,000 starcoins.
  • Her real name is Jagoda (which means blueberry) and her age is unknown.
  • She has most fame in the world on MSP
  • She got into discussions with youtuber with 100,000 fans
  • She earns an average of 12 million fame points every day.