Gifted Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2012
JuicyC is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NO). She is level 55 (Gifted Movie Star), and is in the page 4 in (NO) server.


JuicyC is best known for her looks and artbooks. She soon became known for having strong opinions and ideas to improve MovieStarPlanet back in November 2018. She has made some movies in the past, but she doesn't make any anymore.

JuicyC was inactive on MSP for unknown reasons from November 23rd 2015, until June 2018; during this pause, she was only in level 18, shortly before leveling up.

During December 2018 while getting her fame slowly, she received both hate and love from several users. Tons of hate artbooks and accounts were made before the moderators suddenly deleted them.

 Usual Appearance & Style

JuicyC has the "Our Planet" blue rare eyes, grey toned rare skin, and grape purple colored "Perfect Pout" lips. Her go to look is often nude colored lips, all though she changes her lip color often. Her looks usually have a color scheme of bright neon colors, and have a moderate amount of accessories and bling.

Artbooks and Movies


Her artbooks are often made for special occasions, to announce something, bring something important up, ideas, or to make a fun contest for people to either win diamond packs or VIP tickets. Most of her artbooks makes it to the front page of the artbook highscores. The rest of her artbooks are about her friends, facts, updates about MovieStarPlanet etcetera.


JuicyC doesen't make movies.


  • She is one of the most known highscorer at MovieStarPlanet (NO) between level 50-70.
  • She was the first user to ever hit more than 16,000 views in one week (NO).
  • She is one of the youngest players at the highscore list.
  • She has a YouTube channel called Itz JuicyC, which can be found here.
  • In February 2019, she passed over jenn11234567890 (49).
  • Her nickname is "Juice" or "Juicy".
  • She has a second account under the username "Stadion".
  • Her account wasn't originally hers. She was given the account in level 4 with the username "Renesmeelovegirl" back in 2012, before changing it to "JuicyC".
  • She has made several artbooks to her best friend "mikaoj2002".
  • Her account got hacked June 2019. She lost rares, starcoins and diamonds. MovieStarPlanet shortly gave the amount she lost after getting the account back.


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