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joycecutie70 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is Level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star).
Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: February 2016
ItzHannah33 (4thie)
Melody <3


joycecutie70 or also known as Joyce, first saw her cousin play the game back in 2013-2014, but didn't played until 2016.

She is very known for being supportive which usually gains her fame from others petting her pets, her movies/movies she starred in, looks, etc.

Usual Appearance & Style

joycecutie70 has black ''Pretty Perfect'' eyes, pointy nose, light pinkish tan ''Cool Cat'' lips, light skin tone. She sometimes change her face appearance.

She likes to use any color that she would think would match the outfit.

Movie, Artbooks & Looks

She makes SMs every Thursday when there's a new theme. She rarely makes artbooks, she gets inspired by others and tries to make the best one possible.

She makes looks based on the current theme. Currently she now into of recreating old msp using the old clothing in the back of the shop and characters like Becca Beats, Samantha, SheDevil (Extra), and trying to recreate more in the future.




  • Her real name is Joyce.
  • Her birthday is December 4th.
  • She knows gent123 in real life.
  • She is on the US, UK, IE, & NZ under the name either joycecutie70 or HON£Y.
  • She likes pastel colors.
  • She enjoys making SMs.
  • She also plays Roblox & Growtopia.
  • She is Asian.
  • She saw her cousin playing MSP back in 2013.
  • She loves/enjoys watching anime.
  • She played a different game before MSP in 2013.
  • She enjoys watching other people's series.
  • She loves making horror movies series and enjoys doing them.
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