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Joanna.Pety was a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She was Level 60 (Celebrity Movie Star).


Joanna started to attract attention from making movies, artbooks, and looks, and was eventually noticed by Pumpchkin.

At one point, Pumpchkin, Joanna, and OhhItzAutumn held a competition to see who could be ranked first on the high scores board. When Joanna started winning, some of Autumn's fans became angry and started hating on her. After the two of them made videos explaining how close of friends they were, the hate died down.

Though the drama with Autumn's fans stopped, new drama surfaced, which caused Joanna to delete her account. Joanna returned once in October 2016, but this time under the username JoannaPety x3. Some controversy came up about whether it really was Joanna or not, but Pumpchkin and other members of the Dream Team confirmed that it is the real Joanna.


  • She made her account in February 2012.
  • She was one of OhhItzAutumn's best friends.
  • She is also very close friends with Pumpchkin.
  • Her guestbook was filled daily.
  • She created a new account in October 2016 under the username JoannaPety x3 1 the original username was the same but without the "1" but somebody somehow changed her username to JAJALovesyou & took her user she then got her username back & the "1" was added to it.