Jems Yams
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Jems Yams
Member Since: June, 2017
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Jems Yams is a regular user/youtuber on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 48 (Guru Movie Star).

About & History

Jems Yams (who also goes by the name Jemii Yatalia) is best known as a Jemmass look-a-like who used to play on UK but switched to USA for unknown reasons. However has since created a name for herself through her twitter, and YouTube. She's gained a large part of her fame from giving greets out to people, She also get fame from greets and autographs from her supporters. Within MSP she is a very nice and friendly people's person. She creates looks, artbooks, and makes short movies. On twitter she mostly posts memes and jokes related to MSP or updates on her YouTube and rarely about her life. On YouTube she posts MSP content that includes MSP updates, conspiracy therories, VIP and leveling up, Giveaways, Rare week or rarely MSP rants.

Jems Yams is still active and regally uploading on her YouTube channel till this day and doesn't plan on taking a break anytime soon.

Usual Appearance and Style

Jems Yams has pastel blue eyes, pastel pink eyebrows, a simple nose, pastel green lips, and a fair skin tone. Jemii often wears pastel Green, pastel Pink or pastel Blue hairstyles, with pastel Green, pastel Pink and pastel Blue clothes to match. she can be seen wearing looks that match the current theme

Jems Yams used to wear a joker mask that covers her face and has changed her look colours often, she used to dress in neon colours.


Jems Yams as recently started making short movies again and still makes them from time to time and plans on making more movies in the future


Jems Yams sometimes makes random artbooks or competition artbooks! She has made an artbook to enter in a MSP competition but only has 1.

She has many artbooks and makes artbooks onec in a while.


  • She has a YouTube channel which can be seen here and a Twitter which can be seen here.
  • She sometimes uses the name "Jemii".
  • She has played MSP since 2010 on Denmark server and switched accounts until June of 2017 when she make Jems Yams
  • She loves Chinese food, Pizza, Oranges and Brownies
  • She loves reality T.V. shows and music shows such as "Eurovision".
  • Dogs are her favourite animal, and hates spiders.
  • She has 1 dog and 1 cat
  • She has brought VIP on over 100 accounts from 2010 till the present day


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