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Member Since: February, 2013
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Jasmina123467 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (DE). She is level 23 (Cool Movie Star).


Jasmina123467 is best known and has become known for her artbooks, which have been deleted. Her most loved artbook was an MSP idea with about 300 loves. Her artbooks got deleted in 2015 when she was compromised. She gained most of her fame from receiving and giving autographs. When she comes online, she answers messages and sometimes gives autographs. She came online very often in 2013-2015, then she and Dylan Secret had a fight, and she rarely went on MSP. Her movies are short movies.

Usual Appearance and Style

Jasmina has blue-green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a round freckled nose, red "Perfect Pout" lips, and a fair skin tone. She often wears black makeup and white clothes. She usually wears blonde hair, but sometimes its brown or black. She has a girly and "mainstream" style. Her looks have at least one rare.


  • Her name is Sandra.
  • She is Asian.
  • Her best friend, "Kirinno", is her cousin.
  • She only bought VIP once for one year.
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