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Member Since: April, 2020
yokishura (4th)

jaksa is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).


jaksa, also known by his real name of Alexis or Alex as he prefers, began playing MovieStarPlanet in May 2018 on the UK account 'Alex The Sequel'. Here, he quickly reached level 35 in a matter of around two months, due to yokishura giving him many VIP packages, and an overwhelming amount of support during his activity.

On the 3rd of April 2020, jaksa, yokishura, califormula and KRYPT0NITE all moved to the American server where they each received VIP from califormula in a challenge to see who could level up the fastest. This challenge / teamwork effort continues now. jaksa is currently the lowest level in this competition.

His current USA account directly copies his UK account, with the face and the style being the same. He doesn't create artbooks, upload photos and rarely creates looks and movies. When he does make a movie, it is typically a short movie used to help him and his friends level up. Looks he make typically get between 0-2 loves

He doesn't log on for longs periods of time, typically only coming on to update his status and to quickly head into the Mall chatroom.

Usual Appearance and Style

jaksa has a medium skin tone, blue "Honest Hero" eyes, pierced lips and a freckled nose. He typically solely wears colourful shirts with plain shorts, usually black. He only ever wears light blonde hairs, presumably to mimic his real world appearance. He doesn't often make looks of his outfits. He always wears a diamond ear piercing, regardless of the outfit.


  • His real name is Alexis.
  • He lives in England, not the USA.
  • He is Finnish.
  • He got VIP for the first time the same day, purchased for him by califormula.
  • He is obsessed with the former YouNow star Wesley Tucker.
  • His username is in Finnish but he refuses to tell his friends what it means.
  • His little sister plays MovieStarPlanet on the account 'Mikaela'.
  • His birthday is December 13th, he is a Sagittarius.
  • He is 16 years old.
  • His favourite food is Lohikeitto, a Finnish soup.
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