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Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2013

ItzDance is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).


ItzDance has leveled up by greeting others and supporting them, and getting the favor returned. She is most known for being close to Kylie Kardash before Kylie became famous. She was also close to ItzJerz as a Jewel and has starred in many of Jersey's movies.
Dance's artbooks are usually about bullying, contests, and series casting. Her most popular artbook is "Bestie Contest" with over 30 loves. Her movies are mainly short movies and she has a few unfinished series; her most popular movie is the 2nd episode of her questions and answers series, "Ask Dance", with 45 views.

Usual Appearance and Style

ItzDance has light blue eyes with black eyeshadow around them, mild pink lips, and tanned skin. She has a kind of "Tumblr/Hip Hop" style. She likes to wear bright colors such as blue, but she can also use dark, grungy colors, like gray, and match it up. She gets most of her look inspiration from ItzJerz. She often makes looks for contests or buys them from team leaders. Her most popular looks are "Puppy Love" with over 18 loves, and "Back" and "Frogalicious by Candz", each receiving 14 loves.


  • Her real name is Katie but likes to be called Katrina.
  • She likes Ariana Grande.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
  • She knows Ava20034 in real life.
  • ItzJerz commented on her look "Puppy Love".
  • She used to have an account named "Lolipop2138".
  • She used to be a Porter.