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(Do not send hate to 'Cleo' this article is purely made to bring awareness to her mental health struggles that people are unaware of, that being said it would be best to ignore her and not provoke what could be potentially damaging to her.)

Hero Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2015


ItzCleo was a regular MSP player on the Irish server from her account creation in 2015 till mid 2018 when she reportedly switched to the USA server stating "I'm leaving because your all ugly!" She returns regularly for weeks or months before going inactive again. She is currently level 32 and on the 8th-9th page.


During her prime ItzCleo was widely known for being the Irish MSP scammer. Her guestbook is littered with "SCAMMER" and its rumoured she has scammed rare items and greetings from dozens of people without cause before leaving the server mid 2018.

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 20.43.13.png

Erratic Behaviour 2020-2021

She has since returned to the server with a worrying change in attitude, obsessing over the fact people are "ugly" "obsessed" and "jealous" of her, sending hateful messages to people trying to reason with her. The scam artist (pictured above) has recently took to her status claiming that she's a multi millionaire and retired following a string of worrying status updates like claiming "mods don't do s*** and won't ban (her) because (she) flirt(s) with them and promise(s) to be a good girly".

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Multiple movie stars claiming to know her well outside the popular tween game have come out and said the self proclaimed rare queen of IE suffers from rounds of paranoid schizophrenia. One of her best friends spoke out on forums saying "(ItzCleo) doesn't cope well with stress and lockdown ending has sent (her) into a sort of downward spiral again" "There's not much her friends and family can do other than wait for her her hit rock bottom and get (herself) help which she hasn't done yet" another said "Guys her mom knows what she's saying on msp and took her computer from her she told me that herself" and "I live 9 mins away from (Cleo)"