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Items are a purchasable feature in the shopping category which you can buy for StarCoins or diamonds. They are used in Artbooks, Player Rooms, Movies, and Clubs. One or two pages of items are added to the store with each weekly Theme.


Items can be put into movies, rooms, and artbooks. Items are usually less expensive then clothing, the cheapest being 50 StarCoins. You can add a maximum of 20 items into your shopping cart.

How to buy an Item


Go to Shopping, click "Items", select the items you will buy, then click "buy all" to buy all the items at once, "buy" to buy a certain item, or the wishlist button to add it to your wishlist.


Click Shopping, then Items, select the items you will buy, then click buy to buy, "buy all " to buy all.


  • One out of four select items will be obtained when a player receives or sends a special greeting. Due to the October 2017 update, MSP removed the items.
  • Some items will change or do a different animation when you click it. These animations have a speech bubble saying "Click me".