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Inzpiremaria is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 35 (Trending Movie Star).


Inzpiremaria, also known as Maria, became known through her blog, rares, twitter account, and photos. She is currently known for her movie series' "Abuse", "Episode", "Existence", and "Khloe's Story". She is also well known for her photos, which have made the first page three times in a row; her most popular photo has over 700 loves and 3,200 views. She's gained most of her fame through her awards, movies, artbooks, and photos. When she's online, Maria generally makes movies, tries to level up, and talks to higher leveled users.

Aside from her most popular movie series', Maria mainly makes short movies. Her most viewed movie has over 400 views.
Her artbooks are mainly inspirational, but other topics include special occasions, announcements, thanking her fans, and fun contests for her team. Most of her artbooks have made it to the front page; her most known are "CANCER" and "MERRY XMAS".

Usual Appearance and Style

Maria has turquoise eyes, dark red "Cherry Gloss" lips, a round nose, and a tan skin tone. She usually wears outfits and clothes based on the current theme. Her outfits consist of a variety of colors; she has worn more turquoise and dark pink, but her color theme changes monthly. She makes a lot of looks so that she can add them to her blog and her twitter.


  • Her lucky numbers are 16 and 7.
  • She is 14 years old and in high school.
  • She has been a victim of cyber-bullying by users on MSP.
  • Her favorite album is "Starboy".
  • Her birthday is February 7th.
  • She knows Angle2107, Sally2107, and Qxeencesss in real life.
  • She had a fight with *kristle* and princess770 for apparently stealing their look.
  • She has a US account but doesn't use it that much.
  • She works in charities and tries to make people better with her words.
  • She and "Angle2107" have known each other for 7 years.
  • She has 90 rares.
  • She has a blog, which got over 19,000 views in one month.
  • She communicates a lot with higher moviestars, such as "Danicool", Pandypolo, Fran Is Epic, and Hollyrenee.
  • She used to be best friends with user Qxeencesss, but now they are just friends.
  • Sally2107 and Inzpiremaria have known each other since they was 5 years old
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