Millionaire Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2012

Hollyrenee is an inactive user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 91 (Mega Movie Star), and is in the 12th spot on the UK Servers highscores board.

Usual Appearance and Style

Hollyrenee has plum "Cherry Gloss" lips, light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, and tanned skin. She is known on MSP for her often worn ginger hair color & her mole she wears. She often bases her looks on the current theme and she makes a look of every outfit she wears.


Holly makes a lot of movies, movie series, such as "Don't Cry Daddy.", and "The Newbie Crew", which was a follow-up to her previous series, "The Newbie Dance". Nowadays, she makes short movies due to lack of views on her movie series and lag. She recently started making a new series called "Christmas Snowglobe" but made an artbook about ending it.


Holly almost always makes artbooks to address a variety of things to users, such as to send messages to people who express hatred towards her, to thank her friends, to announce the theme she has made for the upcoming week, and to inform users about her blog. She is also getting known for making "song" artbooks, which is telling everyone the message she wants to address in her artbooks through song lyrics.


  • Hollyrenee and her group Angelings have been on MSP for 6 years. They Angelings birthday is on October 15th.
  • Hollyrenee is from the USA.
  • Hollyrenee's sisters' accounts are "hayhay9005" and "Kaykaysmiley".
  • Hollyrenee has been inactive since the end of February 2020.
  • Her off-line accounts are: "hollyreneexx" (IMVU), "hollyreneemsp" (Twitter), and "Hollyrenee Msp" (Facebook).
  • Holly began the group Angelings in October 2013.
  • Holly has three backups: "!!!hayhaysmiley!!!", "hayhaysmiley", and "!!!hollyrenee!!!". She no longer adds on her backups.
  • Hollyrenee has never quit MSP, although she was away for a few months because of off-line issues.
  • She has a blog that you can find here.
  • She makes her own themes for Angelings and anybody wishing to join in.
  • hollyrenee has been locked out on her accounts a few times.
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