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Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2017
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HeyLyrical is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 20 (Entertaining Movie star).


HeyLyrical is best known for her previous YouTube channel which was hacked and deleted, her old accounts, and her rare trading account. She is also known for helping her friends level and purchasing people VIP - which she no longer does. She became known through another user, ">! Katzz!<1" where Lyrical was featured on her YouTube channel. She leveled up to level 19 within 5 days of starting MSP. She leveled up by greets from her friends. When online, Lyrical spends her time browsing artbooks, photos, forums, helping her friends level, and shopping.
She has not made any artbooks. She only made one artbook about a VIP giveaway, but later deleted the artbook. She enjoys making movies. She has made multiple series before but discontinued them.

Usual Appearance and Style

Lyrical has purple and brown eyes, a pointy nose, light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, and a pale skin tone. She has no main style and changes it frequently; however it is somewhat girly. She constantly changes her appearance. Her looks are based off of high-scoring moviestars. She prefers to purchase looks of her friends.


  • She doesn't like revealing her name, however many people know it anyway.
  • She is 13 years old, and her birthday is September 4th.
  • Her lucky number is 15 due to the fact her mother's birthday is on the 15th day.
  • She likes snakes and has had two pet snakes.
  • She has a rare account named "Soleíl".
  • She has purchased VIP for her friends many times.
  • She had multiple accounts before settling on her current one.
  • She has quit and created a new account called SmilesForYouToo
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