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Super Cool Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2013
Princess Dimond123

Hi112233445566778899000 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). He is level 41 (Super Cool Movie Star), and is top 100 on the CA highscores.


Chase began Moviestarplanet on April 2013 along with other Movie stars which are now on top page. As it seems in the 2014 top paged photos he was recognizable and shared a lot of support towards his friends. He mainly dated two Movie stars "LovleyLydia" and "Princess Dimond123", another user ''Cutiepie<333 had a huge crush on him. "MATHWHIRE" also admitted in her short movies she had a huge crush on him too.

It took him a year to reach level 30 as for minimal ways to earn fame. It was coming close to the end of his activity. A so called "hacker", "V3NM" who Chase was deeply involved in to talking with him. He was recently locked for 3 years after V3NM was dealt with.

In 2019 Chase returned and he lost all of his Looks, Movies, and artbooks, but only his photos remained untouched. He was again known by the help of Triciawatt and Trixie davis1, a level 75 (Jaunty Movie Star) who is 6th on CA leader board who he is now with. He is leveling oddly fast, he responded, "I want to pass my best friend who is against that."

Usual Appearance and Style

Chase always wore a face tattoo, a lip pierce, with tan skin. His style is inspired by GABBYTHEDUDE He often wears a diamond stud and a gold watch with arm tattoos.


  • His name is Chase
  • He speaks French and English
  • He makes SM's with people who comment on his latest SM's
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