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Crowned Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2012

Groovychick24 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 57 (Crowned Movie Star).


Groovy is known for her looks. She has a close friendship with pandypolo, roxy-1, and Alishak, and is very loved by them. She used to make short movies a lot to help herself and others with fame, but she doesn't make movies or artbooks anymore. However, she is always helping her friends with fame, watching their movies and giving them autographs. In return of her actions, her friends regularly put her in their movies to help her with fame.

Usual Appearance and Style

Groovy has tanned skin, light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, black eyeshadow, and pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She rarely changes her appearance and often uses blonde hair to go along with it.


  • She has a younger sister.
  • She loves clothes.
  • She hates bullying and drama.
  • She loves to sing, play the piano, and play golf.
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