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Ace Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2013
my beau2

Gold6sun is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 19 (Ace Movie Star).


Sasha was a Jewel when she started, however, she soon switched to the Porter family after getting bullied by one of her Jewel friends. She gained a lot of fame from her artbooks, some of which reached the top, like her chocolate chip artbook that reached 259 loves. She doesn't make artbooks often, but when she does, they are usually about bullying and hate, made for contests, or dedicated to friends. She also makes movie series but rarely finishes them and occasionally makes short movies. She now owns a discord made for MovieStarPlanet called "Msp Stans." The link to join is here.

Usual Appearance and Style

Gold6sun has green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, pale pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, freckles, and white eyeshadow. Her looks are mostly her own, but she is usually seen wearing a look made by Pump or Kylie, or something related to the current theme.


  • She is a Porter, A-lister, and Sweetheart (XxSecretXxx's supporters).
  • She is a huge fan of Ariana Grande.
  • Her real name is Sharlette but she goes by her middle name Sasha.
  • She doesn't own any backups.
  • She has been hacked a couple of times by an unknown user.
  • She is becoming inactive.
  • Her birthday is on May 27th.
  • She won third place in the Millionaries Club artbook contest.
  • Her favorite anime is Fairy Tail.
  • She loves Mexican food.
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