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Ace Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2013

GetTheMemo is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 19 (Ace Movie Star).


GetTheMemo, commonly known as Memo amongst her friends, is mostly known for her presence on the forums with her troll account, "carrot of msp", and her style. She is usually seen rare trading, making artbooks that feature her friends, and foruming. She is known to correct grammar on forums and is sassy when it comes to a topic she doesn't agree with, which started gaining her fame.
She gained a lot of fame for being featured in "$$Glitter$$"'s artbook that had over 4,000 loves called "CLICK TO WIN". She also gains an adequate amount of fame from autographs, greetings, and being featured in movies.
Memo's artbooks are usually random and do not have a theme, but she does occasionally create giveaways. Her most popular artbook is "WIN YOUR WL!" with over 50 loves.
Memo doesn't create movies and has deleted all of hers. Previously, she had a movie series with over 20 episodes and several movies about bullying, including one she even put onto YouTube.

Usual Appearance And Style

Memo has mild pink "Perfect Pout" lips and light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes. She wears lots of pink and black outfits and always wears a snake tattoo, an all black heart tattoo with a white outline, and an all white nose-to-ear. She is often seen wearing rare items, such as her "Duckies" and her mezk hoodie. She creates her own looks and only copies others' on occasion. Her style ranges from girly to goth. Her outfits merely depend on her mood, the weather, and the day. Her first and most popular look is "The Monster".


  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • She originally started MSP in 2013 on the account, "DubstepKitten".
  • She admits that she can't dance.
  • Only two people know her real name, and those people are "Jen Pillara" and $$Glitter$$.
  • $$Glitter$$ is her twin sister in real life.
  • She hates country music.
  • Her YouTube was hacked, causing her to recently make a new one, with 119 subscribers. Her YouTube can be seen here.
  • She used to play Webkinz under the username "Panda298577573", and laughs every time she sees that username.
  • She has an average typing speed of at least 120 wpm.
  • She says she's a grammar police.
  • She loves cats.
  • She can speak some Swedish and can somewhat write it.
  • She has an account on the Swedish server under the username "KrazyKitties".
  • She is on this wiki under the name MSP - GetTheMemo.
  • She and $$Glitter$$ have a team called the "Gizmos".