g ang
In Demand Movie Star
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Member Since: October, 2017

G ang is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 14 (In Demand Movie Star).


G ang is best known from her other account "vivcn" which she deleted in October. She became recognizable for her style.

G ang currently doesn't have any movies or looks. She occasionally makes the odd artbook about her best friends. G ang is usually seen writing in friends guestbooks and having many conversations about any topic including grandmas, sexuality, and anything she can possibly think of. G ang became famous by taking the blame for the hacker of piinksparkles0818. she later apologized but the account was never given back and she still gets questions about it daily. G ang earns fame by autographs and staring in her best friend's movies which reach up to 5,000-10,000 views monthly.

Even though G ang quit Moviestaplanet mid-2015, she would log in 1-2 months to visit friends.

Usual Appearance & Style

G ang has dark blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a tan skin tone, a pointy nose, and red "Perfect Pout" lips; however, she changes her face often. Her looks were normally tomboy and aesthetic influenced and often corresponded with the weekly theme. She usually wears a mix between dark and light colors. She currently has no looks.


  • Her real name is Demi.
  • She is 15.
  • Her Instagram is "issavivcn."
  • Her first account was Shennella which was locked in 2015.
  • She has been locked forever 4 times and unlocked.
  • She is locked constantly for being rude.
  • She likes to call being rude "Being honest".
  • She has a dog called pebbles.
  • She also knows Fentys in real life.
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